jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver tried to bring a "food revolution" to middle America. But the real revolution happened after he left.
These baked treats definitely don't taste like health food. Plus, three more favorite recipes from celebrities.
We cannot solve the world's problems, without first solving food. Or another view: food is our best opportunity for getting our planet back on track.
Jamie Oliver loves food so much he started a global initiative to share his passion for food education with others around
Healthy and accessible, this could change the way you cook at home.
Could I have skipped the tomato disrobing? Yes. But then I wouldn't have tasted how "lovely and sweet" the tomatoes become when cooked stripped to their flesh.
Khalil's film doesn't deal with the Netanyahu and Hamas of the conflict, instead choosing the human side of the struggle. When a very small group of Palestinian Carmelite nuns and a family of Jewish settlers "collide" together through a car crash outside the convent, they then need each others' cooperation to get away from one another as soon as possible.