jamie raskin

The Maryland Democrat warned what would be to come from a second Trump administration.
The Maryland Democrat offered some personal advice to Santos in the margin of the letter: “It’s not shameful to resign.”
Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin explained why he voted against expelling admitted liar Rep. George Santos from Congress.
The Maryland lawmaker was among 31 Democrats who voted not to oust the serially lying Republican.
The Democratic lawmaker said the new House speaker has “good manners” and troubling views.
Raskin said he doesn't see Republicans "moving forward" with the evidence-lacking impeachment inquiry into the president.
The Democratic lawmaker may have outdone Nancy Pelosi in his noncommittal answer to being asked about Harris as Biden's 2024 running mate.
The Democratic lawmaker said House Republicans could soon regret their latest move.
Republicans are acting out of "humiliating subservience" to Donald Trump, according to the Maryland Democrat.
A $2 billion Saudi investment "raises the significant possibility that there was a large quid pro quo" shaping Kushner's actions in the White House, per Raskin.