jamie raskin

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House floor tirade accusing Democrats of censorship quickly backfired.
Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin flipped the extremist Colorado Republican's comments right back at her.
Raskin said it appears the opinion, which he noted looks authentic, would eliminate all rights to any abortion.
"My friends: We have to decide which side we're on," Raskin said in a powerful House speech before calling for a "National Day of Reason."
Democratic lawmaker said he has warned some far-right colleagues that if they don't snap out of it, they'll be selling "incense and flowers at Dulles Airport."
The day after burying his son, Rep. Jamie Raskin’s (D-Md.) family accompanied him to the U.S. Capitol. Then the riot began.
The Jan. 6 committee member called Trump's actions a coup attempt and labeled them the most "dastardly political offense ever organized by a president."
“It’s a very unusual thing for us to find," Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said on Sunday.
The committee is looking into potential intimidation by volunteers from a conspiracist group who are going door to door canvassing voters and asking intrusive questions.
Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin urged the former vice president to "wake up" when it comes to the former president.