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TMZ reports that Spears made the accusation during a closed-door court session in Los Angeles.
She then shared an Instagram post with the caption: "When you're having a shitty day... " Britney Spears is taking on the
Now, with Trawick gone, Jamie is planning to keep "a watchful eye" on the 31-year-old singer, whom he believes has few people
Though Spears has been doing "extremely well," according to the website's source, her "personality disorder" apparently makes
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Jordan Miller -- the owner and webmaster of Britney Spears' most popular fan site, BreatheHeavy.com -- has spent the past
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Since the news of Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy broke last night, there has been speculation over why Jamie Lynn and her mom
The unshocking truth about the youngest daughter in a misguided family of fame-seeking wannabes lacking the moral guidance
Jamie Lynn, who is the star of Nickelodeon's hit show Zoey 101, on which she plays a schoolgirl, turned 16 on April 4 and
If you want real life comebacks, don't let Jamie Lynn sell her newborn's photos for $1 million and don't push Britney back to work!
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The Lord may have created the world in seven days but top shrinks agree there's no way Brit could have been cured in six. Now here's what has to happen next.
Our kids grow up so fast and you, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, are putting people and messages out there that are harmful.