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Erika Andiola, an undocumented activist with the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, told HuffPost that Dreamers will be celebrating
Brewer, who has often clashed with the Obama administration over illegal immigration, made the remarks after touring a Border
Her support for the amendment is particularly notable, because Brewer signed SB 1070, a controversial 2010 law meant to drive
In June 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down much of that law as unconstitutional, including provisions that required
"I personally believe that it could be payback," she said on Fox News. "It could be 'punish Arizona, make them squirm.' They're
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, like several other Republicans, went after President Barack Obama on Wednesday for the decision by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release some undocumented immigrants from detention ahead of potential across-the-board cuts from sequestration. Arthur Delaney joins Alicia to discuss.
ICE announced on Monday that it had reviewed a number of cases and decided to release undocumented immigrants from detention
But crime statistics reported in USA Today and the Huffington Post show that violent crime has actually dropped in recent
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who has earned a reputation as one of the nation's most ardent hard-liners on illegal immigration
Arizona’s Republican governor, Jan Brewer, seemed in perfect lockstep with both her party and Mitt Romney (whom she had heartily