Jan Koum

Jan Koum reportedly differed with WhatsApp's corporate parent over encryption and user privacy.
Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014.
Koum allegedly frightened her to the point that she would lock herself in the bathroom to hide from him.
Mark Zuckerberg is rapidly collecting a portfolio of dominant, social media properties - each performing nicely on its' own and become even more powerful if integrated. Twitter sits in that bullseye.
As the world continues to watch the escalating political uprising and violent protests in Kiev, it's important to understand that there have been some remarkable success stories to emerge from behind the Iron Curtain.
In case you're in need of a little more evidence that The American Dream is alive and well, here's this.
* To add voice calls in second quarter - WhatsApp CEO * WhatsApp, other messaging apps already offer free texts * Move could
Whether Koum's principles will be made to disappear within Facebook, however, is another matter entirely. WhatsApp was created
In a land of pushy 20-something wunderkind CEOs, WhatsApp's Jan Koum is a 37-year-old black sheep who just wants to build a great product without media attention. No muss, no fuss.
The winners here are truly big winners. WhatsApp's fifty-five employees are now enormously rich. Its two founders are now billionaires. And the partners of the venture capital firm that financed it have also reaped a fortune. And the rest of us?