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Actress Jane Krakowski says she supports “boating lights” at “Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU.”
Before moving on to the next interview topic, Benanti reiterated appreciation for her fans. "I wish I could do more because I genuinely enjoy the interaction ... but I have to prioritize being in the show."
Watch Jane Krakowski do splits from the comfort of your home.
And yeah, she has to see each episode a couple times to catch all the jokes, too.
"My parenting philosophy is 'Try not to lose your shit.'"
"Stop running, Holly. Let Tonku swallow you!" - Dr. Dave (Jeff Goldblum) Honorable Mention Adding Anna Camp to the cast was
Melody can really lift a musical. We tend to forget that today, as we savor shows where the heavy lifting is done by the flying winches or the maxed-out sonic levels or the puppets or the Mormons or the hooks, the beats, the rhymes.
She Loves Me does more than just ward off the haters; it's a lovely and gentle reminder that Broadway has always packed the same punch and has long been a reliable vehicle for consistent, unwavering beauty.
If you like your shows with glorious music in the air and a dollop of schlag atop the café viennois, you are sure to float away from your visit to She Loves Me on a silver-laced cloud.
The "30 Rock" star would have been VERY different from Jennifer Aniston.
[SPOILER ALERT: This has details from Unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt. If you are not done watching, beware!] The show, which