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The British star said the disturbing encounter almost derailed her acting career.
It only seems fitting that Seymour's talent and philanthropic work should be recognised by such a prestigious jewel, and
Glitz, glamour and gorgeous gowns galore on music's biggest night!
The "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" star has finalized her split.
It was the setting of that most-loved "I Love Lucy" scene of Lucy's stalking and gawking Bill Holden. Hundreds of stars were
At age 64, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jane Seymour is still going strong, and has so many life lessons to share for moms and others.
The former couple are also focusing on their twin sons, John and Kristopher. In an interview with HuffPost Live in December
As film festivals go, Sarasota Film Festival is hard to beat, for films, parties, and people.
Wolf Hall, based upon historic fiction by Hilary Mantel, focuses on the period in his reign when the king, smitten with the sexy Anne Boleyn, concocts a strategy for ridding himself of his wife of 18 years, Catherine of Aragon.
Jane Seymour joins HuffPost Live to talk about being a Bond girl.
Jane Seymour tells HuffPost Live about what it was like to get divorced from her husband at the ripe age of 62.
How to do it: Don’t deprive yourself, but do section out snacks or treats, so you only have one or two, not the whole bag
If you're an aspiring organic gardener and want to grown your own, there are some easy, accessible things that you can do to get started on a green path to health and wellness.
In June 2014, I had the joy of filming a cancer segment with Jane Seymour for her series "Feel Grand" supported by Grandparents.com