janelle monae

The "Hidden Figures" actor's NFL Honors look has been compared to everything from a CD to a piano.
The singer said she was seriously smitten with the person since childhood — and even got to work with her.
There was so much that happened in music this year — from fiascos to women reclaiming their power — and we got many impressive albums out of it.
Janelle Monáe shows us what’s possible when we respect and acknowledge each others' gender identities.
From The ArchAndroid to The Age of Pleasure, Monáe has been my North Star.
"If we’re erasing history, how are we supposed to correct the mistakes that the past has made and create a better future?" Monáe asked.
The “Black Panther” star gushed over the "extremely gifted” yet "enigmatic" hit-maker.
Wade yelled advice to the singer ahead of their team's narrow victory in Salt Lake City on Friday.
Kate Hudson, who stars in "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" with Monáe, also asked the actor whether she likes to share the spotlight.
Both films float around themes of class and corrupted wealth, but ultimately say very little about either thing.