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The film, "Light Wins: How To Overcome The Criminalization Of Christianity," is a project by socially conservative activist
I have a strong, healthy dose of self-esteem. This is fortunate because recently there has been a steady stream of damaging messages coming from the media, politicians and religious leaders. There are plenty of voices proclaiming that there is something wrong with me.
Meanwhile, Kathryn Skaggs, author of the "A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman" blog, penned a lengthy post earlier this year arguing
Janet Porter Presents "Heather Has Two Cigarettes"
Needless to say, the rally failed miserably, costing over $70,000 to hold and organizers expected attendance to reach over
The inspiration for these campaigns appears to have come from one particular source: far-right religious extremist and WND
WorldNetDaily is Obama Hate Central, and WND columnist Janet (Folger) Porter is the perfect embodiment of that hate.
How could Porter be a "respectable" religious right figure if she didn't attack the LGBT community in her diatribe?
Janet Porter actually prayed for the "Christian takeover" of the media. Apparently amongst other things, she wants "more influence than Oprah Winfrey, " and desires "to make CBS 'the "Christian Broadcasting System.'"
I watched the entirety of the Birther documentary, and found it to be every bit as biased and factually deficient as one would expect.