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I want my daughters, and every aspiring political leader, to know her story. Janet Reno was a different kind of public servant. She was tough, smart and humble.
“You can suffer with Parkinson’s disease, but don’t let it keep you from your goals.”
She was also the longest-serving attorney general of the 20th century.
The conduct of the Republican primaries makes Lord of the Flies look like a well-ordered society.
The clumsiness has been a hallmark of hearings on Capitol Hill, especially now that the Republicans are in charge. Committee members are more interested in the limelight than in persuading the television audience of any abuses requiring reforms, so that viewers might support a legislative remedy.
I first met Eric Holder during the Clinton years when he was serving as Deputy Attorney General. Back then, my community was deeply troubled by FBI harassment, the government's use of "secret evidence" to detain individuals and profiling of Muslim or Arab-looking individuals at airports around the country.
In this blog, we'll learn about women who have been inducted into both the Florida Women's Hall of Fame and the National Women's Hall of Fame -- whose accomplishments have benefited women and life in the Sunshine State.
When Kathleen Sebelius resigned recently as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and President Obama
Some of these political figures have served their countries longer than you’ve been alive. Some are nearly 100 years old
Also appearing on the 1940 rolls: wee baby Janet Reno and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, who reported she worked 48 hours the
Anyone with a lust for martyrdom fueled by religious fantasy to destroy property, life and limb, has -- to any reasonable estimation -- officially checked out of society anyway, U.S. or otherwise.
Nobody listens to Alberto Gonzales in large part because, putting it charitably, he was not merely an unprincipled attorney general but an uninspired one. Of course, we also tune him out because we can't be sure he's telling the truth.
FRIDAY'S FAVORITES: "I used my Obama tax cut to buy tea bags for the protest against increased taxes." By KarenT. Original
Hold on to your hats folks or at least your iPod earbuds, Martha Washington was actually a babe! Also, she avidly consumed Gothic romance novels. Me-ow!
Former Attorney General Janet Reno said on Wednesday that her one-time deputy, Eric Holder, was "indubitably" qualified to
Doesn't anyone remember when John McCain made an ugly "joke" (that most newspapers wouldn't print) about Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, and Chelsea Clinton?
Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, who served in Bill Clinton's administration, is backing his wife in Tuesday's presidential