Janis Joplin

The bashful Courtney Hadwin earned Howie Mandel’s “Golden Buzzer.”
This is the singer's third time as a same-sex wedding officiant.
See the movie trailer for Across the Universe that includes a snippet of Dana Fuchs singing "Helter Skelter": Why don't we
John Hall co-wrote two of the most widely played songs on Top 40 radio during the 1970's that are still in constant rotation today. The hits "Still The One" and "Dance With Me." You may or may not connect the dots between the man, and the group he co-founded Orleans, but he is much more than this success story which alone would be a dream come true like winning the lottery for most musicians.
A major record company president once told me I'd probably never be a star because, as he put it, "You wouldn't kill your mother for it." Although this may have been an oversimplification, it takes a special personality to strive for and thrive in the spotlight.
Will the Smith family be blessed or cursed by their "divine intervention?" God only knows.
Back in the Lizard Lounge, it could just as well be Newport or the Ryman the way that Rhodes commands the room with her sultry
Even now that she's Janis Joplin, she's still the girl no one wanted. She made her mark in the 1960s primarily as a blues
This publishing company sale to SONY was an asset that Michael Jackson shrewdly purchased - and now his last big score. My
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For Janis Joplin authentic rock and roll country blues was a great ride while it lasted. She loved being famous (sweet revenge on her high school tormentors). She knew she'd seized the moment even if it ended unexpectedly soon and in pain. But the 60s were like that.
Created and hosted by ArcLight's Executive Vice President Gretchen McCourt, the Women In Entertainment Summit will feature keynotes by Academy Award winner Geena Davis, founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, and Women In Film President Cathy Schulman.
Many current bands are blending the musical sensibilities of classic rock with modern elements, creating a sound that is as familiar as it is fresh. Los Angeles four-piece band, Electric Parlor, has crafted a groove-based rock-n'-roll sound that integrates the blues, soul and grit of a bygone era with a stylish new feel.
Gone-but-not-forgotten musician Amy Winehouse would have been 32 this year, and a new documentary is making sure her legacy stays alive.
She'll be performing at the Carlyle till April 18. Watt White, her music director said that the Carlyle may mark the beginning of a tour; he will be joining Hall in San Francisco, bringing "Sin and Salvation" to Feinstein's at Hotel Nikko.
But the premiere was a night for celebration, and not only for Sinatra. Turns out, director Alex Gibney, with his recently aired Going Clear, his film about the Church of Scientology, broke records for HBO. So after the 2-hour first half of Sinatra, a happy crowd filed into Porterhouse for Italian themed specialties of burrata caprese, filet mignon, spumoni and cannoli in abundance.
H/T Stylelist So don't even think about calling Natalie Portman "madam." It's "miss," actually. On Wednesday, Dior released
Being a woman at Dartmouth College in the 1970s was like having a double major. You were not only a freshman, you were also a "co-ed." You were not only a physics major or a government major, you were a "female" physics or government major--as if more estrogen in your system changed everything.