Janis Joplin

The bashful Courtney Hadwin earned Howie Mandel’s “Golden Buzzer.”
This is the singer's third time as a same-sex wedding officiant.
"Julie just wanted it so inside us, the music and everything. She's a remarkable director that way where it's like nothing
John Hall co-wrote two of the most widely played songs on Top 40 radio during the 1970's that are still in constant rotation today. The hits "Still The One" and "Dance With Me." You may or may not connect the dots between the man, and the group he co-founded Orleans, but he is much more than this success story which alone would be a dream come true like winning the lottery for most musicians.
A major record company president once told me I'd probably never be a star because, as he put it, "You wouldn't kill your mother for it." Although this may have been an oversimplification, it takes a special personality to strive for and thrive in the spotlight.
Will the Smith family be blessed or cursed by their "divine intervention?" God only knows.
The lack of formality gives the Lounge an "anything can happen" aura to it, which suits Rhodes who finds herself in the middle
It's an idea worth kicking around, says Berg, whose Janis: Little Girl Blue gets its television debut Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET
I don't feel vindicated by this and do not want to sound crass or mean-spirited. I did want to remind the naysayers (I did
Aoki's cenotaphic multi-media exhibition questions the deification of celebrities within pop culture and how this idyllic