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The magazine reaches an audience of over 65 million people.
Kudos to Graham Nash for pushing Tim up in the mix on the incendiary CSNY 1974 (2014) archival live collection wherein Tim's
In the movie world you would not expect a smallish screening for a movie like Rock the Kasbah to have a night like this, but Bill Murray has great karma. Rock legends turned out on Friday night: Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, to start. And there was Bill Clinton, whose silver head shone like a beacon at the room's center.
With people remaining healthy and vibrant well into their 60s, the once-mandatory retirement age of 65 no longer makes sense. Those able to continue working benefit greatly from the positive health improvements that comes with keeping their minds engaged.
By 1996, upon the publication of the gargantuan novel Infinite Jest, its author David Foster Wallace was the envy of writers. Touted in exalted ways, praised as brilliant, his work produced an "anxiety of influence" for the literary.
Dana, who has been at Rolling Stone for nearly two decades, said the breakdown was both an “individual failure” and “procedural
Below is the Charlottesville Police Department's summary of its investigation: Charlottesville Police Statement on Rolling
I caught up with Brendan to talk about his project, what he learned from Danny (that every artist needs to hear) and the moment he discovered tape of Lou Reed listening to The Ramones for the first time.
The Washington Post's Erik Wemple reported Monday that Wenner had approached Columbia faculty about auditing the story and
In the 9,000-word article, Erdely also said three friends of Jackie -- identified as “Randall,” “Andy” and “Cindy” -- discouraged
On a Nov. 27 Slate podcast, Erdely said that she tried contacting the alleged perpetrators “in multiple ways,” but they “were
Dear dream-makers of the media…. Last night Jack White made a joke on stage! There was a minor equipment mishap, specifically
The best moments of the inspiring For No Good Reason involve Steadman explaining his process to Johnny Depp, a Thompson surrogate
Which ones? For the record, in this ever-more-boring and seemingly perpetual battle one half of KISS continues to engage
"We're having a lot of fun, we've been very, very productive creatively, we have a lot of great music that we're still working on and here to put out as fast as possible and we're playing shows and all of this is happening as Linkin Park is working on our next record."
Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner has a knack for picking talent. So we're sure his online staff will give a hearty welcome
I've always thought that Hunter S Thompson had, in a sense, written his own autobiography in the pages of Rolling Stone.
In an effort to accommodate Western businesses, China tolerates Taiwanese companies like Foxconn who assemble Apple products
Nobody mistakes Jann Wenner -- whose Wenner Media publishes Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Journal -- for a digital fanboy