japanese internment

The 9th Circuit has previously ruled against the president's blocked executive orders.
Exactly 10 years after EO 9066 was signed, I was born.
How close can we get to being American? How close can we get to being Japanese?
Adapted from Truthdig.com Listen to the full interview below: "With Trump, we're in uncharted waters," Reeves says. "He's
So, President-elect Trump, please do yourself, and the nation, a service: Make it tougher for Hatred, and the Haters. Call
“What’s happening to the Muslims right now is really close to the hearts of the Japanese-Americans because it happened to us," one survivor said.
George Takei is both an actor and an activist. His touching Broadway show Allegiance (which ended its run on February 14
"Pretty infuriating to hear someone who clearly knows very little about this history ... cite it as an excuse to demonize Muslims," one woman said.
But we wouldn't have to wait for those subsequent histories to play out. As the stories of Japanese American soldiers exemplify
A supporter of President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday cited the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II ― considered one of the darkest periods in American history ― as the basis for creating a federal registry for immigrants from Muslim countries.
Hillary Clinton made the case that "half" of Donald Trump supporters belong in a "basket of deplorables," wrote Chris Weigant in an article posted in the Huffington Post. But is that the case?