Jared Padalecki

This year's Comic-Con held a special meaning for Jared Padalecki, who was met with a surprise tribute from fans just a few
The 32-year-old actor took to his Twitter account on Friday to explain that he had to cancel scheduled appearances at upcoming
The Metallicar. You could say that it's a rolling container for the conflicting emotions experienced by two brothers exploring
After news of the Oscar winner's death broke, celebrities like Ricky Gervais, Aaron Paul, Jim Carrey and Mia Farrow tweeted
This week's "Supernatural" made up for last week's lack of Castiel with a decidedly angel-centric hour, showing us exactly what our favorite wingless wonder was up to while the Winchesters were being tossed around by Abaddon last week
HuffPost TV chatted with executive producer Jeremy Carver about Ezekiel's trustworthiness, Dean's secret, and how the mythology
The "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere is four days away (Tues., Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW), and as Jared Padalecki recently
"We ended last season with Sam doing the trials and Dean really, really harboring a lot of guilt over the fact that he wasn't
Are you looking forward to "Supernatural" Season 9? As the episode summary hints, expect to see Tahmoh Penikett as the fallen
Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) is in pretty bad shape when "Supernatural" Season 9 returns (Tues. Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on
The trailer also features a first glimpse at Tahmoh Penikett's fallen angel Ezekiel, a disoriented (and very human) Castiel
"Supernatural" Season 9 premieres Tuesday, October 8 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. For more behind the scenes "Supernatural" goodies
Jared Padalecki is a pro at hunting down demons, but can double daddy duty be just as easy? The Supernatural star, 31, and
TVLine reports the episode will introduce a new character who would then anchor the city-set spinoff, should it move forward
The cast and executive producers of "Supernatural" were on hand at San Diego Comic Con to preview Season 9 of the hit CW
What's dead never stays dead on The CW's "Supernatural," which means that we rarely have to say a permanent goodbye to some
While some "Supernatural" finales have been full of non-stop stress and heartbreak, a large portion of "Sacrifice" was a calm, well-plotted affair, deftly written but light on tension. Then all hell broke loose.
After two dodgy seasons, "Supernatural" has recaptured a good deal of its mojo, and its mythology has been expanded in a number of tantalizing ways.
Although the playfully titled "Clip Show" didn't quite showcase the greatest hits of "Supernatural," it did take us on a brief trip down memory lane, revisiting characters from "Wendigo," "Shut Up, Dr. Phil," and "Provenance."