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Jaron Lanier helped invent virtual reality and develop the internet. Now he is offering 10 reasons to delete your social media accounts immediately.
Suzan Mazur: I've interviewed Jaron Lanier, the "father of virtual reality" who has said regarding the digital world that
Pokémon Go Porn Is Now Super-Popular, Kind Of Funny So read the code, share it, discuss it, and start prepping for a totally
The "Toronto Code" was written as a "living document," which means it was designed to be discussed and amended as we learn
[2] Cited in De Vogli, R. (2013). Progress Or Collapse: The Crises of Market Greed. Routledge: New York, p. 47 The results
This lucidly written updated book by independent literary scholar Marie-Laure Ryan addresses virtual reality (VR) not as a medium associated with specific hardware, but more loosely as a form of storytelling primarily concerned with immersion and interactivity.
Lanier's concerns and pronouncements in Who Owns the Future? are chilling regarding the consolidation of power enabled by the digital world. In our conversation he told me that "maximum openness actually turns out to be maximum closedness," referring to the five big tightly controlled platforms.
While I fully comprehend the strategic leveraging of social networks and viral content on the part of publishers seeking
The Circle joins Gary Shteyngart's hilarious Super Sad True Love Story in its prediction of the kind of world we might get to live in if we continue to outsource our data and decisions about it to Silicon Valley's technocrats.
Also joining host Ricky Camilleri were Bianca Bosker, Huffington Post Executive Tech Editor, and Hanson R. Hosein, Director
Computer scientist and writer Jaron Lanier on why he thinks our digital economy is screwed -- and how he proposes to fix it.
Back in 1981, Marshall Crenshaw's single "Something's Gonna Happen" was released on Shake Records, initiating his string of critically acclaimed classic albums and 45s. Now Marshall, celebrating 30 years of music-making, sits down to talk.
To me, adding avatars to the mix may threaten the most deeply healing aspect of therapy: the implicit trust forged by the mysterious bond between therapist and patient; the world in which profound discoveries, and life changes, are facilitated.
Indie bricks and mortar bookstores may not always be able to satisfy that desire for "search-find-click-done" instantaneity, but online search & shop can only take us so far.
At SXSW 2010 you would have seen swarms of twenty, thirty and forty somethings, with their neck craned and their heads bowed, staring down at mobile devices and computers.
If Kakutani & her sources can figure out how to eradicate our urge to communicate, they'll solve the lesser problem presented
For many people who live in Manhattan and make a living by putting words on paper, the iPad might one day be remembered as its own Manhattan Project
Jaron Lanier does not understand that people do things for reasons other than bolstering their egos and making money. Those who engage in participatory media are not "robbed of dignity."