Jason Collins

Sports can and should be a safe environment that encourages camaraderie.
“We will not let hate win.”
The NBA veteran said he knew Bill and Hillary would "accept me for who I was."
That we want to shop all the time? That we are prissy and scared of rugged work? That we are horrible at sports? And who
On sports, spirituality, sexuality and... is he dating anyone?
Village Theatre's production of the classic musical Cabaret keeps audiences engaged with dynamic singing, dancing and acting throughout the show. This is not an easy task when one considers the historic timeframe of the show - the end of a gala era as the Nazis came into power in Germany.
2014 was a watershed year for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender athletes. From Michael Sam's NFL draft and kiss with
Not long ago, sports -- including big-time wrestling -- were less accommodating for gay competitors. Only recently have most pro athletes remained active in their chosen careers after coming out.
In a pair of first-person essays published Wednesday by Sports Illustrated and The Players' Tribune announcing his retirement