Jason Collins

Sports can and should be a safe environment that encourages camaraderie.
The NBA veteran said he knew Bill and Hillary would "accept me for who I was."
Though the morale boost was helpful, it wasn't strong enough to overcome my fears when one of my blogs piqued the interest
On sports, spirituality, sexuality and... is he dating anyone?
Village Theatre's production of the classic musical Cabaret keeps audiences engaged with dynamic singing, dancing and acting throughout the show. This is not an easy task when one considers the historic timeframe of the show - the end of a gala era as the Nazis came into power in Germany.
2014 was a watershed year for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender athletes. From Michael Sam's NFL draft and kiss with
Not long ago, sports -- including big-time wrestling -- were less accommodating for gay competitors. Only recently have most pro athletes remained active in their chosen careers after coming out.
After he came out in April 2013, Jason Collins became the first openly gay athlete active in any of the four recognized major
The 7-foot center, who publicly announced in April 2013 that he is gay, signed with the Brooklyn Nets in February of last
The Golden State Warriors are undefeated this season, 4-0, I attended the game on 11/5 at the Oracle Arena where they defeated the LA Clippers who eliminated them last season in the playoffs. Here are 20 things I learned.
I've seen a little too much insistence this week, online and on social media, that Michael Sam's being cut from the Dallas Cowboys' practice squad had nothing to do with his being gay. It's a bit overwrought and defensive. A lot of fans seem to want to believe the NFL is not a homophobic institution.
Your gender, religion, race or sexual orientation has no effect on your ability to lead conversations.
Collins stated he thought about coming out during the lockout in 2011 when he had time on his hands and after seeing an "It Gets Better Video" his trainer did.
It made me reflect on a time when I felt like I was alone, the only openly gay athlete at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I was the lone gay kicker on the football team, fighting for acceptance on and off the field.
Moving toward a SportsWorld of equality is unfortunately a slow, painful process. Not everyone wants to go along for the ride. They have to be pushed and pulled, kicking and screaming. Making people face what makes them uncomfortable is part of the process; part of the march to equality on our playing fields and in our locker rooms.