jason kander

Seen as a rising Democratic star, he dropped out of Kansas City, Missouri, mayor's race last year.
It also highlights the enormous pressure we put on veterans, and that us vets put on ourselves.
The Army veteran said he had long ignored working on his mental health.
Jason Kander vows consequences for those who deny people the vote.
The Democratic Party is just about as badly bruised right now as I have ever seen it. Potentially, however, it faces the brightest future it has had in decades.
Kander could assemble a rifle but not a victory.
As the frantic final hours tick away, here are some last-minute recommendations.
Imagine that you were just diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. The doctor shakes her head, makes a tch-tch sound with her mouth, and explains you have a 50% chance of living two more years-- and that there is no cure.
What if there was a cure for a terrible disease you or a loved one suffered from--but a politician passed a law against that cure? Sound ridiculous? Maybe not. Consider Missouri Senator Roy Blunt (66), Republican, who has been in office for more than twenty years, and who seems to judges medical science by his ideological opinions.