Jason Kessler

Lawyers for Charlottesville community members highlighted private messages among neo-Nazis and white supremacists ahead of the 2017 rally.
Photos place Taylor Michael Wilson in Charlottesville two months before his armed takeover of an Amtrak train.
"I was attacked in front of the whole world, and then people made fun of me for it," Kessler said.
Kessler said he had to move in with his family amid his mounting legal troubles.
Media outlets ― liberal and conservative ― as well as tech platforms are helping Fox News to pull fringe ideas to the center.
American racists rode to their rally in a segregated train car and got a private entrance into the park next to the White House.
The broadcaster aired an interview with Kessler in which he claimed white people are under attack and listed races in order of supposed intelligence.
Activists won't talk to reporters without a promise: No platform for white supremacists. Ever.
Jason Kessler's lawyer was late and declared that he is anti-Semitic. That was just for starters.