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The Milwaukee Bucks did the entire league favor. They beat the Warriors last night to end their winning streak. It wasn't what twenty-four teams couldn't do, but more about the Golden State running out of gas on the final leg of their road trip.
After a failed power play in Brooklyn, Nets coach Jason Kidd has entered into serious negotiations to become president of
Five bold predictions for the rest of the NBA season, because anything is still possible.
Cleveland Cavaliers: Signed Andrew Bynum Newly minted Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday has played a great two-man game with
"Cup slipped out of my hand I was getting Ty," Kidd said during his press conference, via CBS Sports. "Sweaty palms. I was
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Connections can get your foot into the door for an interview or, in the examples above, help you land the job, but, soon performance counts.
1. There are five stars and one ball. One of the trickiest things for Kidd to consider through an 82-game season will be
Living in England, obviously the main sport is Football (sorry I mean soccer), I hear all my friends complain how every year
The Brooklyn Nets have hired Jason Kidd as their coach, bringing the former star back to the franchise. Kidd just retired
Over 19 seasons in the NBA, Jason Kidd served up enough exquisite dishes to add a James Beard Award to all his hoops accolades
“My time in professional basketball has been an incredible journey, but one that must come to an end after 19 years,” Kidd
The Knicks defeated Milwaukee, 101-83, to extend their winning streak to 11 games. J.R. Smith was averaging 24 points per
Rather than focusing on those things that made me feel my age this week-- sitting down at a restaurant and immediately spilling my drink, realizing Dustin Hoffman is now 75, writing lists of what I need to Google -- I am finding the pride behind the pain.
Show of hands: Who had the Washington Nationals with the best record in the National League on July 16?
Earlier in the evening, Kidd and his wife, Porschla, both tweeted a picture of the two of them together at the Compound Foundation
SOUTHAMPTON, NY -- Just days after signing with the New York Knicks, Jason Kidd was arrested Sunday morning on an alleged