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Hint: not out of any special love for the Florida senator.
Finally, famous media people are leaving their famous media jobs. But did they jump, or were they pushed? Listen to this
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In last week's speech, the most newsworthy moment came when the president emphasized the importance of what he called "middle-class economics." The quick, hot take was that by doing so, Obama was opening a new round of combat with Republicans.
This week, the 2016 presidential race was roiled by the announcement that former GOP nominee and 2012 loser Mitt Romney was, against all logic, getting his band back together to mount yet another run for the White House. This has baffled everyone.
This week, radical militants from a pseudo-Islamic death cult murdered 12 members of the staff of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in their Paris office, ending any hope we had that 2015 would be a respite from 2014's garbage and misery.
This week, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would make an effort to normalize relations with Cuba, ending a decades-long policy of distance that had been surprisingly effective in doing nothing in particular.
The head of the Secret Service abruptly resigned, after she got grilled by Congress over several disconcerting lapses which happened on her watch. She fell on her sword immediately, to her credit, rather than drawing the story out day after day.
Congress followed up their recent five-week vacation with almost two whole weeks of actually doing their jobs, so to reward themselves they're now going to take off on another vacation. Until mid-November.
WASHINGTON -- What does it sound like when HuffPost Raconteur Jason Linkins and HuffPost Senior Political Economy Raconteur
Welcome to a new year everyone! How do you like the look of 2014 so far? Well, if you are like me, you're worried. It's not the sort of thing that got talked about on the Sunday shows, because the producers of those shows don't actually like ordinary people, but on Dec. 28, 1.3 million Americans who had been left clinging to their unemployment insurance as a lifeline during the unemployment crisis lost that lifeline, and have taken an incremental step closer to a 2014 of possibly freezing or starving to death. This is, as the Economist points out, the "darker shadow" of this crisis -- the world of the long-term unemployed.
Full Segment: We talk to Martin Smith, producer of Frontline's 'The Untouchables,' to discuss Lanny Breuer stepping down, and HuffPost Politics reporter Jason Linkins about the news of the day.
Mitt Romney's brazenly dishonest ad is far from the garden-variety truth stretching we're used to in political campaigns. It is so breathtakingly cynical it should cause us to question whether a candidate that would put it forth is fit for any public office -- let alone the presidency.
Linkins did a little digging on William J. Olson, whose law firm "is heavily involved in all sorts of conservative cause
People don't feel like the urgency of their circumstances is being reflected in the behavior of their leaders. The job of President is not just to run the country. The job of President is to lead the country.
Pass health care reform via reconciliation the way George W. Bush rammed through his tax cuts. By November 2012, even the Tea Baggers will appreciate and defend their new-found health coverage.
Say hello to Jason Linkins, editor of HuffPost's "Eat the Press". On Sunday look for his media column in which he skewers
The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins was on MSNBC Thursday with conservative blogger Liz Mair, discussing the recent czar
Jason Linkins got some things wrong about the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and we feel compelled to clear the air.