jason momoa

The former couple seemingly cast their differences aside to prioritize their two children.
The actors were together for 16 years and announced their separation in 2022.
The "Aquaman" actor and "Saturday Night Live" host discussed his early years and spilled on what movie inspired him to move to Hawaii.
The "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" actor reportedly told her therapist that Momoa tried to have her fired — and dressed like her ex-husband Johnny Depp on set.
A post on the actor's Instagram page also declared that "survivors are the priority" as wildfires wreaked havoc on the Hawaiian island this week.
The “Aquaman” star stripped down for a new interview with Men’s Health.
"Fast X" hits the big screen in May — and the whole family will be there.
The DC film world under DC Studios’ new heads has led to a number of changes to its film slate including the end of Henry Cavill’s Superman.
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