Jason Mraz

“It was like, ‘Wow, does that mean I am gay?’"
She's lending her star power to Alison Teal's video showing how easy it is to start your own compost bin at home.
Achieving any goal requires leaning into discomfort.
Kindness is an expression of love; a moral value stemming from inner peace which makes the outer world more beautiful.
Have we already heard enough about plastic pollution? No, on the contrary I believe we have become inured to the problem. Stop. Think. Do I need this straw, this bag, this little red stir stick, this little plastic green grass with my sushi, or that bottle of water?
The actor-singer teases his upcoming performance with a clever take on Jason Mraz.
With voices like these, we can hardly believe it! Abby and Sarah are twin sisters who started singing at age four. Although
Illegal logging threatens communities by destroying the forests on which they depend, depriving local governments of tax revenue and funding organized crime.
Do what you love. Sure, his producers would prefer for him to be out and about promoting his latest album Yes!, but he's