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DUBAI, Nov 22 (Reuters) - An Iranian court has sentenced Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian to a prison term, the state
"We are back in a different waiting pattern."
Moghimi said the jail sentence was expected to be reduced to 7.5 years. An Iranian judiciary spokesman was not immediately
Obama has called the charges against Rezaian "vague" and pressed Iran to release all American detainees. Rezaian was arrested
Tehran and six major world powers, including the United States, are trying to meet a June 30 deadline for a final nuclear
The family was also told that the trial could happen as soon as early May. He said that since Rezaian was arrested almost
So far, over 100,00 people have signed on. The paper, of course, is reporting on Rezaian's ongoing ordeal, and Baron said
According to The New York Times, Judge Salavati has been blacklisted by the European Union since 2011. The list is reserved
Casey's message about Rezaian -- which also asked Kerry to "unequivocally reject any efforts by the Iranian regime to use