Kermit, whose first TV appearance was in 1955, said: "I want to say on behalf of the Muppets that we are just really happy
Will we see you again in another Muppet movie down the road? Yeah, maybe someday. I have no idea. Definitely not the next
"The Muppets" will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 20. Earlier this week, Segel announced he would not be returning
The "How I Met Your Mother" actor humbly told Vanity Fair that, besides a few minor qualities, he and Clooney are one and
On Friday Segel had the tweets deleted and sent out a flurry of messages indicating that he had been hacked while on a plane
Thank you Jason Segel, for bringing those silly, lovable, inspiring Muppets back into our hearts.
With the release of "The Muppets" last weekend, Jason Segel's dream came true. He revived the great puppet franchise he has
I think the moment in which we came in, Disney didn't quite know what to do with The Muppets. They were sort of just sitting
That's complicated, too, as was made clear in Wednesday night's chat session with Jimmy Fallon. See if you can unravel it
Jason Segel, who co-wrote and stars in the film, took plenty of photos with his on-screen girlfriend, Amy Adams, who shined
Is there bad weather out your window? Did you just suffer a breakup? Have a case of the sniffles? Here's an instant cure
The film is filled with celebrity cameos as the Muppets work to revive their careers, singing and dancing all the while. It's
Segal, a lifelong Muppet fan, spent years writing a script for the revival of the beloved Jim Henson franchise, and as it
Here's the synopsis; below that, check out some great still photos from the film and set. While this summer has had no shortage