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It disgusts me when the sole focus of treatment centers is on the bottom line. There comes a point where unethical work becomes
The majority of my experience on TV hasn't always been great. Looking back all I remember is the negativity surrounding myself
A few weeks ago, I flew out to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Unite to Face Addiction concert. Tens of thousands of people were there, and it was incredible to see how many people's lives have been touched by addiction.
Positive psychology might seem unconventional because it's not always spoken of, but incorporating it into your everyday life can be incredibly beneficial.
To me, the best part about National Recovery Month is that everyone in every corner of the country can participate -- and is welcomed to do so! Just by visiting the National Recovery Month website, you can find local events in your community to attend, as well as read articles about addiction and recovery.
In order for these headlines to stop and for people to stop taking their own lives, we can't just bat our eye at the subject anymore -- and we certainly cannot continue to perpetuate a negative stigma around both mental illness and addiction.
Hearing about what's going on in Missouri just baffles me. I am in full support of the prescription drug monitoring program, and am unsure why one state out of 50 is giving so much push back.
I think one of the greatest parts about Valletta talking openly about her past battled with addiction is that it shows the courage and humility that she has in order to do that.
I'm not fully sold on the idea that this is the best way to educate the public about prescription drug abuse. Yes, it is helpful, but when you look at the bigger picture, it's going to take more than just Twitter to change the way people view prescription drug abuse.
Just two weeks ago, Orange County was making headlines for filing a lawsuit that blamed major pharmaceutical companies for unethically pushing sales of painkillers and other dangerous prescription drugs. Now, Chicago is filing an almost identical lawsuit against some of the same companies.
For a few years now, some states have armed their local police officers and EMT's with Narcan, a drug that has the potential to reverse the effects of a heroin (and other opioid) overdose.
Every now and again, you get a reminder that you are exactly where you should be. This happened to me just recently, and I am so grateful for that reminder.
As we were asked more and more questions, I kept being brought back to when I was on reality TV. The Hills was one of the
I have witnessed just how close-minded some people can be when it comes to addiction, and combined with the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, it only drives me to keep pushing to raise awareness.
My Wife Ashley and I host a party every Sunday for the football games. We invite about 10-15 people over and its something that we always look forward to.
One thing I know about recovery is that going through treatment is not nearly as hard as trying to stay sober once you are out. Aftercare is truly where the challenge of sobriety lies. Because I can connect with the idea so deeply, I have jumped into this project whole-heartedly.
I am so proud to say that it is both a blessing and an honor to be a part of something like an intervention and the 12-Step program to help bring about the positive change that these individuals need, and I look forward to continuing to do more work in this area!
We knew that would be our vessel into the water to see these amazing creatures. Not only were we taken aback by what we were about to do, but even the fishermen at the pier were intrigued, too.
I understand the chaos that used to be in my life, and believe me, I understand where it has taken me. I don't know how I am here -- it's a miracle.