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Even the most inexperienced commander knows not to escalate without having de-escalatory options at hand. That is the most
The fall of Aleppo might have brought some comfort to Kerry, who had spent months negotiating one failed cease-fire after
By Ali Hashem In a meeting room at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland, back in October, nine foreign ministers
The Iranian political structure after the revolution in 1979 has maintained a quasi-democratic facade while allowing the
Turkey's move complicates the situation, in part because it technically violates the national sovereignty of an independent state. Putting that aside, Turkey may have at least three basic strategic objectives:
Perhaps, Turkey's apparent readiness to adopt a constructive role in resolving this conflict may now help to step some of the negative repercussions it has spawned. A pragmatically-minded President Erdogan's recent moves may signal such a strategic rethink, back toward Turkey as a regional peacemaker.
Let's start with the last year's announcement for the Holocaust cartoon competition. Its organizers publicly stated that
From opposing the nuclear negotiations to impeaching key ministers, parliament made it increasingly difficult for Rouhani to fully realize his moderate political agenda -- until now.
Now in its fifth year, the Syrian civil war presents horror after horror. According to the Syrian Centre for Policy Research
In August, these Iranians told us what they thought about the agreement. Now, they tell us what they think about its implementation.