Jay Carney

Aside from the exciting, albeit still long over-due step major tech innovators are taking to foster family leave policy change, what particularly interests me about this story is the sheer timing of it all. Despite it being a well-timed PR move, that isn't to say the change itself isn't a good thing.
Dear Jay, In response to your posting on Medium this morning, I want to reiterate my support for our story about Amazon’s
The ways in which businesses benefit from offering paternity leave are so clear and proven that corporate leadership has to dig its collective head way, way down in the sand to miss it.
WASHINGTON, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc has hired President Barack Obama's former spokesman Jay Carney as senior vice
Two former top White House aides came to the defense of David Axelrod, a former advisor to President Barack Obama, on Thursday
H/T Mediaite When asked by host Brian Stelter about the president's news diet, Carney listed The New York Times, The Washington
It almost sounds as if Mr. McCain is more concerned that he let down the "good guys" in Syria than he is about the possibility that his ideas and his judgment may be dead wrong, and that America (and the world) could pay dearly for listening to him.
Today, CNN just pretty much confirmed that this is basically true...and it's not changing anytime soon. This is very much
Wednesday was former White House press secretary Jay Carney's first night as a CNN commentator, so the network did the nice