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The Missouri televangelist is being "unfairly targeted" for selling Silver Solution, his lawyer said.
That question is being asked by residents worried about the impact of a proposed $1.5 billion sale of a nonprofit hospital system that serves 18 mostly rural counties.
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon nailed it in only 63 words.
At our 2015 Annual Luncheon, Governor Jay Nixon signed equal pay Executive Order 15-09. An executive order (E.O.) is a policy or regulation issued by the Governor, which has the force of law. E.O. 15-09 promotes gender pay equity in the workplace by directing state agencies and encouraging private sector organizations to use best practice guidelines to identify and address gender wage gaps within their organization.
Donors with deep pockets are trying to reshape the Show-Me State.
Now, it's up to the community to act.
This story was originally published by The St. Louis American.  Those quoted terms were included in Gov. Jay Nixon’s initial
But businesses and the state legislature could deter the proposal.
Jeff Mizanskey's last crime involved just six pounds of pot.