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The last shot we see of Betty, shows her sitting alone at the kitchen table, chain-smoking. Perhaps, what's meant by the
Finales of TV series are tough to pull off. Let's all agree. That said, Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, and his team pulls off a finale by capturing hearts and minds, and also with closure.
Last week Helen Hunt, Noel Gallagher, Maria Bello, Michael Sheen, Juno Temple, Penelope Ann Miller, Jay R. Ferguson, Tahj Mowry, Dee Rees, Bruce McCulloch, Andre Braugher and Bethenny Frenkel joined HuffPost Live. Catch up on those conversations.
Yes, it was. RIP Rizzo, it was a pleasure @MadMen_AMC pic.twitter.com/ySxWoHAeVr — Jay R. Ferguson (@jrfergjr) July 28, 2014
It's no news that the cast of "Mad Men" has been in tons of other popular movies and TV shows. Remember when that clip of
Here he is in 1990: The year after that, Kartheiser joined the cast of "Mad Men" and in the course of six seasons, his character
"Strangely enough, I’ve been suffering a little separation anxiety and haven’t been able to bring myself to do it," he continued
There's also Aaron Staton in a sweater vest on "7th Heaven" before becoming Sterling Cooper account executive Ken Cosgrove
I'm sure there are those who will be shocked that I not only enjoyed a lot of The Lucky One, but that I think Zac Efron's performance is a break-out moment -- the announcement that a teen dream has made the transition to adult dramatic actor.