Jay Rockefeller

Tennant will face West Virginia Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) in November's general election. Reed plays up his West Virginia
She easily defeated Larry Eugene Butcher and Matthew Dodrill Tuesday to be the GOP nominee. She is running for the seat being
Capito has the clear edge, and if elected would be West Virginia's first Republican senator since 1959. Capito's planned
In West Virginia, Democratic names like Byrd and Rockefeller dominated politics for decades, but since 2000, the state has
Copyright (2014) AFP. All rights reserved. Opening the Internet to domain names that go far beyond .com, .net, .gov, and
UPDATE: Obama was apparently sensitive to charges that he was dismissing Congress' oversight task in a fashion reminiscent
"If this collection of data is allowed to continue unchecked, then capitalism will build what the government never could
The ad is sponsored by Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, who say Baucus is too cozy with
We must have an open conversation about the impact the use of these techniques has had on our national security. Too many people believe that the Jack Bauer tactics have "saved American lives."
This is a complicated, shady process with strong adversaries working against Democratic interests. I hope the leadership has the sense to recognize that "Do No Harm" is the best operating principle.