Jay Sekulow

Trump has defied decades of precedent as a presidential candidate by refusing to release tax returns.
Jay Sekulow made a sweeping argument that the president should be immune from subpoenas while he's in office.
Charity watchdogs have long raised concerns about the blurred lines between Jay Sekulow's for-profit and non-profit organizations.
The Senate majority leader spoke with Republican senators in a closed-door meeting about Democrats' efforts to call John Bolton to testify in the impeachment trial.
The legal team asked lawmakers to put themselves in the president's shoes.
The former national security adviser's manuscript reportedly confirms the key impeachment charge.
President Donald Trump’s defense lawyer says claims by former national security advisor John Bolton that the president did try to extract a quid pro quo from Ukraine are not a big deal.
The opening of the defense's case comes after a three-day presentation by House Democrats.
The House impeachment manager quoted "Juicy" in response to Trump attorney Jay Sekulow.
Democrats say the president abused his power, and the White House response is that Democrats abused theirs.