jay williams

The ESPN analyst shares his vision for the future of college athletics.
ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jay Williams joins HuffPost Live to discuss his new memoir "Life Is Not an Accident: A
"What I did with them is I sat down and I went through the pros and cons about what is Jason good at? What does Jason like
It's not every day you get to here what really happens on the court -- as the final seconds tick down to a NCAA national championship. But that's exactly what happened to me on Friday when I had a chance to chat with Duke legend Jay Williams
We were both on the brink of achieving our dreams -- his was a huge, national one, mine was a clichéd, personal one -- but there are threads of similarity in our struggles. However, what makes us different is that he has stopped chasing the ghost of his pre-injury life. I have not.
In that moment, Williams had lost his faith. "I was angry. I always try to do things right, I'd be on time, I'd gone to charities
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter Williams says he couldn't even think about being lucky to be alive. "I couldn't
"I was 17 years old," Williams says. "I was about to play my first college basketball game at Madison Square Garden. And
"What we need to understand as women [is] we have that brokenness and we go looking to fill it," Iyanla adds. "But if you
If this story is actually what I believe it to be, a wake-up call from the universe, men will stop making excuses, women will stop being angry, and people will start talking and healing the things that really matter: relationships, families and our collective investment in the future of this world.
“Yes,” Ayanna says before admitting that at the end of her relationship with Jay, she began sleeping with another man. Not
Very deliberately, Iyanla guides Jay to stand up. She has Jay Wes stand as well. Facing each other, the two men embrace. "Son
"Why would you ever consider being in a relationship with him?" Iyanla asks Charmaine. Charmaine admits there is a fantasy
"But are you disgusted with yourself?" Iyanla asks Nicole. The conclusion to this three-part episode of "Iyanla: Fix My Life
Iyanla's work with Jay Williams begins in the first of a three-part "Iyanla: Fix My Life," Saturday, Sept. 6, at 9 p.m. ET