Jayson Blair

"I'm not going to pull any punches,” says Los Angeles bureau chief Adam Nagourney.
It is important for the public to take a stand here and turn off MSNBC in droves to show they cannot be taken as fools. Anchors should be deserving of high esteem and the public's trust. How can anyone trust Williams now?
Blair says his colleagues went the extra mile to get him help. "A friend of mine at the paper who struggled with drug addiction
"What I found is that when you cross the line once it becomes easier, and easier to cross it again," he says. Later in the
Rumer Willis and beau Jayson Blair seem to be getting serious. The New York Post recently reported that the daughter of Demi
Rumer Willis has a new man! Check out some photos of Willis & Blair below: The actress, who is the daughter of Demi Moore
HuffPost: Your Daily Beast piece on Lehrer was very empathetic. Blair: It's very hard to say. From my perspective he's done
Ryan Murphy's NBC comedy pilot "The New Normal" has picked up a new bad boy. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Jayson
As a longtime observer of the Boston media scene, I'd have to say that Times Co. stewardship has been more positive than negative for the Globe.
Frederick Hill, Issa's top spokesman, did not see anything contradictory in his boss's stance, and suggested that if there