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Coupon-crazed shoppers revolted, with devastating consequences for J.C. Penney. Sales plummeted by an astonishing $4.3 billion
Merchandise left all over the floor. Ullman, the executive who ran the company before Johnson, was given back his job as
J.C. Penney announced Wednesday the company will close 33 of its stores, resulting in about 2,000 job cuts. It still plans
After two previous failures in the retail world, Ackman was determined to make this one work. The result: a painful 17-month transformation attempt defined by nosediving sales, enraged employees and the ousting of the chief executive.
As the CEO lost the trust of the rank-and-file workers, Ackman became unable to convince the board to do his bidding, according
No one seems to want to run J.C. Penney. Less experienced executives will be much easier to convince to take the job because
"They want the freedom to run their business as needed and don't need a Wall Street hot shot messing around with everything
When asked on Thursday whether he would be able to work well with J.C. Penney's current board, Questrom responded: “I can’t
Under Johnson, the new home department's launch was riddled with errors and inefficiencies that caused repeated delays, according
Shares tumbled 10.3 percent at $14.23 in early Tuesday trading. "Ullman makes sense in the interim given the urgent cash