In a joint address to Congress, French President Emmanuel Macron made an impassioned case for continued commitment to the Iran nuclear deal.
Ultimately, the cost of the potential downfall of the deal far outweighs the individual gains of a single nation.
Regardless of being against or for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the deal is final. The Islamic Republic enjoys the benefit of this agreement and Iran has entered into a better relationship with the world. So, the deal should not remain a one-way street.
Now is the time to stand up to Iran's noncompliance, protect and defend free people throughout the world, and ensure the significance and strength of the United Nations and the Security Council.
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Not only is this law discriminatory and unreasonable as a method of safeguarding national security, but the inclusion of Iran on the list of prohibited ethnicities to have and countries to have visited begs the question, why was it included?
During a brief interregnum between exalted expectations and dreary realism, let’s celebrate once again that rarest of things: good news in a perilous world.
What remains unclear at this moment is how much longer Iran will continue to endure Saudi provocations before responding in kind. Is Iran's measured response an effort to maintain international goodwill until the implementation of the nuclear deal?
Those who ideologically opposed the negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue have been proven wrong. Diplomacy works and
Days after reports that Iran has dismantled one of the most dangerous parts of its program by removing the core of its heavy-water reactor in Arak and filling it with cement, Republicans are mounting a new attempt to kill the agreement that has already made the world much safer.
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"The world has become smaller but the crises are no fewer."
"We will not forget the past, but we do not wish to live in the past," he tells U.N.
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates still slam "the Zionist enemy."