J.D. Power

The story behind the ad is as ridiculous as you'd hoped.
Smisek's failed leadership at United Airlines illustrates exactly how this CEO self-dealing scheme works to the advantage of wealthy executives and shareholders while damaging workers, communities, customers and corporations.
The lines blurred between online and offline sales and the numbers have never been better. In fact, new mobile technologies are sending more people into stores looking for deals with the same discounts they would get online without the wait.
J.D. Power, or Dave, the founder of J.D. Power and Associates has spent decades not only building a successful global company, but also revolutionizing how consumers access information about product quality.
PS: What is the most interesting thing you have learned so far? EG: I think it goes back to trust. We have roughly twice
Ford has been particularly pummeled by consumer dissatisfaction with its technology. It ranked 27th out of 34 brands on the
Here are the cars that cost the most to own: The cost of a luxury automobile does not end with its purchase price — it begins
Approximately 25 percent of 4G-enabled smartphone owners are highly satisfied with their battery (ratings of 10 on a 10-point
At a time when the economy is so fragile, you would think that store employees would greet consumers with enthusiasm.
The survey ranked Apple smartphones as number one in customer satisfaction, followed by HTC smartphones, Samsung and Motorola
J.D. Power and Associates recently released their 2010 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, an annual tradition of theirs that is meant to give us an inside look at how consumers perceive the different credit card companies.
Like them or not, banks can be hard to leave. Who wants to transfer accounts, get used to new branch locations or master
Toyota is finding out it's not the crime, but the cover-up, which screws you. They should have studied Richard Nixon's presidency.
Denver International Airport ranks in second place in passenger satisfaction among 19 large U.S. and Canadian airports, J.D
GM doesn't have the kind of partnership and help which Chrysler will be getting from Fiat and Washington is on-hand only to protect the public's huge investment in the company.
Can you or can you not get an auto loan? It's a bit like a game of sorts. Visit a GM dealer, let them run through this mysterious
Jaguar Land Rover CEO David Smith met UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown last week to discuss the current financial crisis, which
Ever wondered about that dreary film which builds-up inside the windshield of your car or truck? Not outside, which can be taken care of easily enough; inside.