j.d. vance

Right-wing Ohio Senate candidate lashed Kamala Harris, AOC, Pete Buttigieg as "childless cat ladies" who aren't pumping out ... wage slaves?
The "Hillbilly Elegy" author and Ohio Republican Senate candidate begged Fox News viewers "not to judge" him for early criticism of the former president.
There was an awkward mishap with his lectern — not to mention his tweets.
“I think we need people in Washington who are fighters," the author and venture capitalist said in launching a GOP campaign for the open U.S. Senate seat.
"The 'No one can tell me what to do' crowd is really having a hard time witnessing people do what they want," one Twitter sage noted.
“Very serious people" are asking him to jump into the Ohio race, a Vance adviser said.
1. Read a book written from a different perspective, or that challenges the building of perspective. A few recommendations
There is no reason to deny the Republican stronghold in the region, outsider observers need to look beyond default stereotypes for some sort of tidy explanation for today's electorate. Don't blame hillbillies for Trump.
J.D. Vance leans on his own upbringing in middle America to explain why these communities are so pro-Trump.