Let's face it: Everyone gets a little jealous from time to time. But understanding why it's rearing its ugly head in your life is a crucial first step from turning a relationship killer into a relationship builder. HuffPost Canada's senior producer Kait Howell helps you navigate your feelings of jealousy to improve your life.
A video of the Muppet’s rage over Rocco the Rock being offered a cookie instead of him has unearthed a “Sesame Street” feud we didn’t know we needed.
If you see someone who is supposed to be your "partner" as more of a rival than a devious collaborator, it might not be worth your trouble.
"Just because someone doesn't feel the way you do, doesn't mean they're psycho," the author said.
When a person triggers irritation within me, they are shining a spotlight on a place of lack in my life.
Every woman has filled in this blank at some point in her life: I’m not as ______ as her.