Jean Claude Van Damme

The Muscles From Brussels helped James Corden clean up a couple's house in a terrifying way.
The “Muscles From Brussels” was hoping to give the host some confidence — we think?
But the star of the now-canceled “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” is looking for a new signature move, if you’ve got any ideas.
At dinner last night, my good friend Bruce Buffer was telling me that he had Jean Claude Van Damme, the "muscles from Brussels" on his Podcast.
You know the scene. It's when Van Damme's character Kurt Sloane gets into a fight while dancing and still pretty much doesn't
Manhattan is an island awash in film festivals. If there are new movies with a thematic niche, chances are there's a film festival with a clever lineup of screenings -- and film junkies lining up outside -- somewhere the city.
Fun facts from the '80s: Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as the monster in "Predator," but left the production
Is Jean-Claude Van Damme going for "The Most Epic Man of the Year" award? He's already proved himself in the martial arts
Reid fought the karate world champion twice before as an opponent when Akira attempted the 100-man kumite years earlier. He