jean marie le pen

The proposed rebranding is meant to distance the party from its anti-Semitic history.
Marine Le Pen and the National Front are holding a "refoundation congress" to mount a political comeback.
Florian Philippot has quit the National Front amid a split in the party.
He said she should give up party leadership.
Le Pen was defeated in a landslide this Sunday, but her nativist party probably isn't going anywhere.
A nervous sense of déjà-vu came over me on Sunday as I watched the French presidential election, which pitted the centrist
The West isn't in the clear -- elections aren’t everything.
He has yet to demonstrate that he can rally a majority of the French behind a coherent set of policies or attract a majority in parliament.
There’s more at stake than just some other country’s political contest.
Richard Maher, European University Institute Sunday’s contest between independent centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-right