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The proposed rebranding is meant to distance the party from its anti-Semitic history.
Marine Le Pen and the National Front are holding a "refoundation congress" to mount a political comeback.
Florian Philippot has quit the National Front amid a split in the party.
He said she should give up party leadership.
Le Pen was defeated in a landslide this Sunday, but her nativist party probably isn't going anywhere.
A nervous sense of déjà-vu came over me on Sunday as I watched the French presidential election, which pitted the centrist
The West isn't in the clear -- elections aren’t everything.
He has yet to demonstrate that he can rally a majority of the French behind a coherent set of policies or attract a majority in parliament.
There’s more at stake than just some other country’s political contest.
Richard Maher, European University Institute Sunday’s contest between independent centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-right
This isn’t the first time the far-right party's been linked to anti-Semitism. But it comes as another major blow for presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.
The established political landscape is under threat across Europe.
For the first time in more than 60 years, the republic's top presidential candidates don’t belong to either of the major parties.
Marine Le Pen has championed secularism at the expense of religious minorities.