Jean Paul Gaultier

Though the Queen of Pop turned down Gaultier's offer, she and the designer nonetheless forged a friendship that's the stuff of legend.
Including one look that gives "house of Dior" a whole new meaning.
The way many children feel on Christmas Day was the way I felt during the course of this July's Haute Couture Fashion Week. Every thing was bigger and more elaborate than I could have ever dreamed- especially in terms of silhouettes. The reason for this was due to inspiration emerging from fashions of the Northern Renaissance.
Orange would not be the new black for Iris Apfel, who wore that color in fur for the movie premiere of Iris last week at the Paris Theater: the brighter the better, it was practically neon, and contrasted with saucer-sized turquoise beads.
How do we tell the story about women today? A portrait, more like a contemporary mosaic, if you will, emerged, of disruptive, brilliant, super femmes from diverse backgrounds around the globe, as I interviewed five women to celebrate International Women's Day.
"The show must go on!" is a lot more than a kitsch pop battle cry. In light of recent tragedies that aim to redefine cultural front-lines, it is a strong expression of commitment to freedom.
So typically a VIP Lounge during a film festival, be it Cannes, Venice or DIFF, is a place where mere mortals aren't welcomed. It's reserved for the celebrities and their producers, an oasis where they can get pampered, fed, rehydrated and then released with about ten to fifteen bags in tow.
There were also extreme hats. There were models of all ages strutting down the runway with shirtless men in tow. First of
Given the story's themes of love, jealousy and obsession with youthful beauty -- so relevant to modern culture, and so conducive to physical expression -- it's easy to understand its appeal to the choreographer.
But before laying my precious Loehmann's to rest, I must not only memorialize it, but educate the unfortunate individuals who will never experience being stark naked in the group dressing rooms at Loehmann's -- Here's what I learned.
Driving past the May Co. building in recent weeks, you may have noticed in its windows and on its façade numerous banners
One of those revealing surprises involves Cynthia opening up in detail about the couple's financial struggles, which were well documented during their first year as cast members on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
The original dress on Gaultier's Spring 2013 Couture runway: Interested buyers (read: 8-year-old princesses) should note
Only some of the crowd greeting French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum, wore his clothes, easily identified
I'm not sure what was more captivating -- the show or the people attending it. While Jean Paul Gaultier wore an all black classic outfit with a long kilt that ran to the floor, the rest of the crowd seemed to reflect his body of work.