Jeanne Calment

Masazo Nonaka credited sweets and soaking in his family's hot springs for his impressive longevity.
Researchers who verified Jeanne Calment's claim say the new theory is nonsense.
"Life is only a matter of accepting your destiny wholeheartedly. I have wanted to die for a long time."
Next Sunday, February 21st is Jeanne Calment's birthday. Were she still with us she would be 141. On that day many of us
If Ebba's age can be verified, he would be the oldest person ever recorded, beating out the previous record holder, Jeanne
Records clearly show that Calment was born in Arles, France, on Feb. 21, 1875, and she died in Arles on Aug. 4, 1997. A public
Research on aging and longevity is underfunded, not overfunded. The cost to the U.S. taxpayers of one month of the Iraq war would fund a serious war against mortality for ten years.