Jeanne Tripplehorn

Even successful actresses have the same problems as the rest of us -- when it comes to delegating, at least. Tripplehorn
Actress Jeanne Tripplehorn joins Nancy in-studio to discuss her career.
"Criminal Minds" made headlines when negotiations with the cast for Season 9 went down to the wire. A representative for
Don't front. You know you love Criminal Minds. What started as kind of a rip-off of CSI: has turned into one of the most highly rated television shows on CBS...that no one actually admits to watching but me.
What else appealed to you about Alex Blake and her character? In doing the research to be in the mindset this woman is in
"Criminal Minds" Season 8 premieres Wed., Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. "He kills at 9 ... I'm not good at waiting," Alex
The "Criminal Minds" Season 8 premiere will introduce viewers to Alex Blake, the newest BAU member. Played by "Big Love" veteran
There will be a new face on "Criminal Minds" when Jeanne Tripplehorn joins the BAU team. According to EW, the "Big Love" actress
The narrative begins in 1969, as a family gathers around a television to watch Apollo 11 land the first man on the moon. Young
ABC's Modern Family was honored for its portrayal of a "diverse American family" at the 6th annual GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and