Donald Trump Takes Aim At Audience During Debate
Such treatment of these deeper currents is not just mistaken; it is dangerous, in part because if left unchallenged, it may triumph in the Presidential election by default.
Attention all schadenfreude enthusiasts, it's time to take a look back and see who really shined in this year's public relations blunders, bloopers and boners (trademark pending).
Jeb Bush shares his thoughts on the death penalty as a part of HuffPost's '16 and President series.
Presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush discusses why he would kill Baby Hitler.
The Huffington Post talked with Jeb Bush on the campaign trail about his daughter's struggle with addiction.
The war in Afghanistan is now in its fifteenth year, making it the longest war in our history. By turning from fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan who attacked us, to Iraq, which had not, President George W. Bush did not "keep us safe.
Conservatives will love it. But careful if you actually get sick.