Something happened at the recent Comic Con in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that went largely unnoticed outside the Kingdom, but
The May decision to chasten the Saudi religious police was of course taken, as all major decisions are, by the royal family
Internal investigations are underway to reveal the identity of perpetrators and whether or not the attacks were coordinated. Until then, it is safe to say that all three cases carry ISIS-like fingerprints, both in terms of execution and motives.
This marks the first bombing in years to attempt to target foreigners in the kingdom.
DB: A woman that is walking fast in a busy place among thousands of people yet stands out. DB: Hard working with a good sense
As we've written about elsewhere on ARTPHAIRE, many of the most interesting developments in the art world are currently coming from Arab countries.
Inside the Jeddah home, her friend's abayas and head coverings came off. But they asked Olivia not to reveal their identities
As there is nothing in Sharia that prohibits women from driving then would it be right for us as adherers of Islam to prohibit a matter which God has allowed?
I believe that if the Committee is to be kept then an accountability act should be implemented, to make sure no member of the Religious Police would ever abuse power given in the name of God.
Amando De Guzman is gazing out the window. His eyes are restless. He's staring at the people walking on 23rd Avenue, but all he's seeing is the rubble of Port-Au-Prince.