Jeff Beck

A Conversation with Carmine Appice Mike Ragogna: You love Cactus, don't you, Carmine. Carmine Appice: Cactus, man! It's a
I heard America singing on Sunday night. Bluesman extraordinaire* Buddy Guy's music rang like the flip-side of Walt Whitman's
"Go wrong strong." ~ Miles Davis And then there is Michael Schenker. For me, Michael Schenker is something like "The Blair
Clapton has received respect from both rockers and blues players. He's broken racial stereotypes and is equally loved by both genders. He's overcome personal pain, beyond what most people could bear, and turned all that emotional roughage into hit songs.
Then as I grew as an artist and my third album I was told, "If you don't have a hit we're going to drop you," from Atlantic
To be a rock 'n' roll practitioner in this strange place is to be an iconoclast and a dreamer -- like Edward Rogers, and his mentor, Kevin Ayers.
I continue to believe that jazz is an art form that has become the most internationally cooperative means of communication in the world today. As artists and listeners alike have found out it can be a tremendously spiritual medium allowing us to transcend everyday life with beauty and connectivity.
What was playing with Frank Zappa like and how did he influence you? What are your favorite recordings with him?
For me, the collaboration is sort of akin to working with a lyricist. There's no lyrics in the score, so you're basically working with the scenes as lyric and trying to find a way to emotionally support what's going on with that.
Recently, he was sitting on the corner of a street in Brighton, England, picking away at his slide guitar as he often does