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“I had no immune system left to fight it,” Bridges said about the virus. “Chemo had wiped that out, which made it really, really tough.”
“The Big Lebowski” star spoke openly about how his health almost prevented him from fulfilling the important milestone.
The actor, who was Iron Man's very first onscreen villain, said he and Robert Downey Jr. spent weeks changing the script — only for Marvel to interfere.
Bridges, who announced his lymphoma diagnosis in October 2020, also revealed he was diagnosed with COVID-19 during chemotherapy.
Veteran actor Jeff Bridges weighs in on awards season and how the Oscars have changed over the years.
The Dude thought he was "gettin' close to the pearly gates." But he survived coronavirus and his cancer is in remission.
"The Big Lebowski" star has been updating fans on his treatment since announcing his diagnosis in October.
"The Big Lebowski" actor slipped back into his most memorable role to reveal the heartbreaking news on Twitter.
John Goodman, Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi all look great, but that's just, like, our opinion, man.
Celebrities teamed up with the ACLU for a video titled "My Name Is Mirian."