Jeff Colyer

Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp made the remark to a black city planner at a public meeting last week.
In Minnesota and Kansas, the victory of Trump-style candidates makes GOP wins less likely.
Kobach is known on the national stage for his staunchly conservative views on immigration and voting.
The gubernatorial candidate also accused his rival, the governor, of undermining public confidence in elections.
In an unofficial tally, Kobach's office said his opponent got 100 fewer votes than county officials said he did.
The Trump supporter has made a name for himself with anti-immigrant views and allegations of voter fraud. Will Republicans make him their pick for governor?
Montgomery withdrew the case on Sept. 14, saying that he, his family and his co-workers were receiving threats. During a
Montgomery, a Kansas State University staffer, filed the objection last week to Obama's eligibility, saying the president
The 107-count case was brought against Planned Parenthood by former Johnson County District Attorney Phil Kline (R) in 2007
At least one Democrat, state Rep. Ann Mah (D-Topeka) said she blames Kobach for the entire episode, including Taitz' attempt
WASHINGTON -- In a meeting dominated by birther queen Orly Taitz, the Kansas Objections Board voted unanimously to accept
The Objections Board was formed more than a century ago by state law and is considered a quasi-judicial agency that meets
Montgomery also claimed that Obama has failed to justify his citizenship and said that the birth certificate provided by
Pauls did not return calls for comment. "We want Jan Pauls gone," Tom Witt, executive director of the Kansas Equality Coalition
Pauls has a history of pushing anti-gay legislation in the state, including writing the state's law prohibiting same sex
WASHINGTON -- The nation's lieutenant governors were advised to focus on the quality of health care delivery, along with