jeff probst

The executive producer is celebrating 20 years of the show that has dumped 590 people on remote islands and examined the human condition.
“What this experience has shown me is I have so much love in my life."
"I think he hoped others would believe that trans people are dangerous and fraudulent,” Zeke Smith said.
Tai Trang is definitely swinging from the chandeliers tonight.
In a returnees season, you have a decent idea of who may be out there with you. You have the option of making pregame alliances
Jeff Probst, the host of the show has described Russell Hantz as "the most notorious" contestant in the history of "Survivor
Yes, after 31 seasons I am more obsessed than ever with the granddaddy of reality television shows. Long after giants like Idol have fallen, Jeff Probst is still out on a deserted beach somewhere, standing around painstakingly rustic looking props, filming a group of people competing to win a million dollars.
None of us have the same story and path. There will never be one face of HIV, but the more of us who come out HIV+, the more understanding there will be. To see the transformation we want, it's vital to bring HIV back into the public conversation.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I know you guys always have your immediate impressions after a tribe switcheroo, so what were your