jeff rosen

Jeff Rosen released a three-minute video on YouTube after lawmakers decried the lack of federal briefings in the wake of the attack.
California law lets rapists who sexually assault unconscious people avoid jail. A district attorney wants to change that.
Twenty-five years after a San Jose, California woman was murdered, police have finally made an arrest.
Anyone who has information on the slaying of Cathy Zimmer is asked to contact investigator Michael Brown at (408) 808-3760
Mercury News also reported that King said Zimmer's husband of 11 years, David Zimmer, had asked police to check the airport
"These women don't judge me," he said. "They don't judge me. They don't lead with opinion. They don't-- they don't-- they
Was the film easier to write having never met Dylan? I don't know. I had no interest in putting Dylan in the position of